Zee Worthington

Pronouns: They/Them

Meet Zee

Intern Therapist

It is so overwhelming to be an adult and to feel alone when carrying the stress of big changes and uncertainty about what’s next. It can feel strange having reached newfound independence while struggling to feel comfortable to show your full authentic self at school, work, or home. Especially if you are queer or trans, this is particularly challenging if you don’t have affirming spaces to process. Maybe you also find it difficult to be present and safely be yourself or know who you are while holding the weight of distressing past experiences. This may come with questions about whether you have experienced trauma, or if what you have experienced or are feeling is “enough” to go to therapy. You aren’t alone, and you deserve a space to explore yourself, your identity, and your experiences in a way that feels safer.

I am an MSW intern who helps queer and gender-expansive young adults explore identity, manage uncertainty about the future, and process the past by co-creating a safer, secure relationship and space to explore and feel openly without judgment. I am white and non-binary, and I work in neurodiversity-affirming and anti-oppressive frameworks. I love working with clients with whom I have shared identities, however, I strongly believe that you are the expert on yourself and your lived experiences. I hope to offer a place to explore with curiosity and compassion, where you have the agency to decide what you want to explore.

Zee is supervised by Leah Cohen, LCSW

Zee Worthington, a white, non-binary intern therapist.

Zee is currently accepting new clients

their fee is $65 with some sliding scale spots