Pronouns: They/Them

Sara Lewis, LSW



Therapy offers an opportunity for cultivating safety, security, and steadiness within ourselves and in our relationships. Through a warm and patient presence, gentle curiosity, and deep compassion, I hope to offer you a sturdy and soft container within which you can practice vulnerability and explore a full range of feelings.

I hold an awareness that our pain, grief, anger, joy, and pleasure live in our bodies, and I believe paying attention to what happens in our bodies can increase our insight and agency. I integrate somatic and mindfulness practices to support this connection between body and mind. As a trauma informed practitioner, I prioritize your choice, autonomy, and here-and-now needs in our sessions. I invite you to offer feedback as we move through sessions so that I can be as attentive and attuned as possible to your needs.

I’m inspired by principles of transformative justice, which shape my understanding that harm happens within conditions created by systemic hierarchies of power. In therapy, we may pay attention to ways in which power shapes your experiences and how power flows within our therapeutic relationship.  I also believe in the importance of exploring how historical and/or generational trauma impacts our current experiences and relationships.

I am enthusiastic about working with individuals, dyads, or triads navigating interpersonal conflict. I have particular interests in working with people seeking support navigating ethically non-monogamous relationships, complicated family dynamics, and life transitions. I have significant experience working with college students and young adults with depression and anxiety. I’m passionate about health at every size and practice within a body liberation framework, and I’m interested in working with people seeking to challenge their conditioning around food, movement, and body image. 

 I practice with a psychodynamic approach, meaning we will explore how your past has shaped your present experience. We will work towards identifying and understanding patterns and stories that have protected you, and we will practice shedding or shifting what no longer serves you. Collaboratively, we can create new narratives that bring you closer in touch with your individual strengths and gifts. 

Sara is supervised by Leah Cohen, LCSW.

Image of Leah Cohen, owner of Kindred Therapy
Sara is currently accepting new clients for therapy in PA.

Fee: $150

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