Pronouns: They/Them

Kai Thigpen, LCSW

Kai Thigpen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is committed to providing anti-oppressive and trauma-informed therapy to people in LGBT+ communities.


Their social locations include being white, non-binary, queer, Jewish, temporarily able-bodied, and having lived experience with borderline personality disorder. Kai was raised in three countries.

They think of therapy as a collaborative space to foster curiosity, openness, genuineness, and growth in areas that clients would like to focus on. Kai values transparency and centering clients’ experiences, desires, and feedback in order to achieve this.

It is important to Kai to maintain awareness of how broader systems may impact people, including in their engagement in therapy, while holding that there is nuance and difference in how people experience those impacts.

Kai has experience providing therapy to diverse populations and works in a way that is anti-racist, affirming of neurodivergent people, not pathologizing, and kink- and polyam-affirming. They primarily work with clients using internal family systems (IFS), an evidence-based approach appropriate for working with a broad range of areas of focus.

They are especially passionate about supporting people in exploring trauma and/or attachment wounds, their own sense of self, and the ways in which they engage with others.

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