Pronouns: he/him

Jack Harmelin, LSW



 I like to say that I do my best work with queer/trans punks who have indigestion. I am a therapist specializing in EMDR and trauma therapy, so my focus is heavily on trauma and the somatic manifestation of emotional pain. I also like to work with people whose experience of the world has had to consider gender and sexuality. I think it makes for an interesting person who I’d like to get to know.

My work is highly trauma-informed, but I try to bring whatever tool is needed to the job at hand. My approach is strongly informed by EMDR, psychoanalytic, and mindfulness therapies, but I will use CBT, DBT, and exposure interventions as well. I will bring what I think is the right tool to the set of circumstances. If you need a therapist able to provide structure, planning, and goals into your care, I can do that. If you need more of a vibes-based thing, I can do that too. What happens will always be a conversation.

Much of how I show up in the therapy room comes from what I have found missing when looking for a therapist myself. I offer a space that is yours, where the direction and methods of therapy are determined collaboratively. Where your politics aren’t made a diagnosis, where you can safely say “I don’t know” about your gender, sexuality, relationships, your self.

I am an EMDR trained therapist, affirming of polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships, and kink-aware. My approach is informed by materialist philosophy, which means I consider economics, alienation, systems, and identities in the work we do.

Jack is supervised by Leah Cohen, LCSW.

Image of Leah Cohen, owner of Kindred Therapy

Jack is currently accepting new clients for telehealth and in-person in PA.

Fee: $150

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