Group IFS Consultation Terms

The following terms apply for consultation provided by Kai Thigpen, LCSW (consultant) through Kindred Therapy LLC (company). Consultant and consultee agree to meet at an interval to be mutually arranged. The fee for a group consultation session, which will last 60 minutes, will be $60. Fees may be raised with 30 days notice. Extra time spent in consultation (e.g., between sessions on phone or email) will be charged at a prorated fee. 

Kai Thigpen, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and IFS Therapist in the state of Pennsylvania. They have completed Level 1 training through the Internal Family Systems Institute, but have not completed IFS certification. As a result, group consultation will not count toward certification for consultees.

By engaging in group consultation at Kindred Therapy LLC you are agreeing to the following rights and responsibilities.

  1. Notification of risk. The consultant may be available between scheduled consultation sessions for additional consultation in person or by phone as needed on an emergent basis. The consultee is not responsible for notifying the consultant of risk, nor does the consultant or company assume any risk or responsibility for the practice or clients of the consultee. 
  2. Liability. Consultee will maintain her/his/their own professional liability insurance coverage at all times. Consultee will not be covered by professional liability insurance of the Consultant or of Kindred Therapy LLC. Consultant and Company are not the employer or supervisor of the consultee, and is not responsible for any acts or omissions of the consultee. Consultee will maintain licensure or certification in state or province of practice appropriate to her/his/their training. 
  3. Confidentiality. The content of consultation sessions will be held in confidence with the following exceptions: (a) If consultee releases consultant in writing to share information for specific purposes; (b) if consultant receives a court order requiring release of information; (c) if consultee persists in actions that consultant has advised are ethically or legally potentially actionable (consultant reserves the right at this time to report consultee to regulatory or ethical authorities, and to terminate consultation services); (d) if consultant determines that there is risk to a child or elder that requires mandated reporting according to the State Laws of Pennsylvania. Consultee is free to terminate consultation services at any time.
  4. Refunds will not be issued for consultees who wish to take advantage of the monthly discount but who do not utilize all consultation sessions in the month before terminating consultation. Refunds will not be issued for monies already paid, if the consultant or company terminates consultation services due to violation of this agreement. 

By attending group consultation through Kindred Therapy you mantain that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of consultation. 

Kindred Therapy LLC