MEET Christine

Pronouns: They/Them

Christine Stewart, LSW


Hi, I’m Christine. I am a white, queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent therapist with lived experience managing the impacts of addiction and relational trauma.

The foundations of my therapeutic approach are trauma-informed and based in a harm reduction framework. I prioritize work with clients who struggle against social stigma, at times even in healing spaces.  The clients I am most excited to serve are survivors of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, people who use drugs or who are in recovery from substance use, and sex workers

I am particularly interested in exploring the intersection of trauma, substance use, queer or gender expansive identities, and neurodiversity.

If you are feeling:


  • lost, stuck, or trapped within yourself or your circumstances
  • disconnected from yourself or the world around you as a means of survival
  • misunderstood and judged by others for the roles you hold, or the ways you have chosen to cope

Then you’re in the right place.


This is how a lot of the people I serve feel when they first come to this work.

If you are interested in taking a compassionate and critical look at how the patterns you have developed do or do not serve the future you want to create for yourself, I’m here to walk with you through this process of exploration and creating change.

My Approach


I offer a nonjudgmental and affirming space to begin this work and bring all parts of yourself. I work to bring a compassionate approachability to every session. Integral to how I show up in the therapeutic dynamic, is a strong focus on developing safety in collaboration. Your feedback is what guides our work together. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is strongest when power and agency are placed with you as the client.

My style is empathetic and client-centered, but I also won’t hesitate to be a mirror for you and offer you my honest reflections. I do this with genuineness, nonjudgement and a sense of humor. This approach is not about changing or shaming you but helping you gain awareness of your presentation, motivations, and behaviors. It’s realness with compassion and acceptance at the heart of it.

The path to clarity, freedom and safety


At the heart of my practice is a belief in your inherent power and the unique gifts you possess. My goal is to help you recognize and celebrate these, guiding you to feel truly at home within your body and personal identity. I understand that the path towards healing and creating a new future, is not about discarding parts of yourself but about welcoming all parts of you with love and acceptance. The shame we carry was first handed to us from forces outside of ourselves. I am deeply committed to helping you face the parts of yourself that you may fear, with the understanding that facing them can diminish the power of shame and internalized stigma.

Many of the individuals I work with seek clarity, freedom, and safety—goals that resonate deeply with me. Achieving these states involves two critical steps:

1. Self-Discovery

Together, we will explore what you want, who you are, and what you need, free from societal expectations or the influence of others dictating these answers. Our work will strengthen your connection to your internal compass, a guide we all have, leading you to your most authentic self.

2. Empowerment

We will develop the tools and resource connections that empower you to get your needs met in a way that is accessible and makes sense for you. For many of us, the systems we live in were not built to support us. My role is to help you identify how to effectively engage in self-advocacy, develop community, and connect with resources, which provide a counterforce to oppressive systems. Discovering personal agency in your own liberation is key to building a greater sense of safety.

Areas of Specialization

I specialize in supporting diverse communities with cultural humility, and I have extensive experience working with:

  • Queer and Gender Expansive Individuals
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Substance Use and Harm Reduction
  • Support for Sex Workers
  • Neurodivergence, particularly ADHD and Autism

Christine is accepting new telehealth clients in PennsylvanIA.


$150 – Individuals; $165 – Couples; Limited Reduced Fee Spots Available

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